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Altro Carato:
the value-add precious metals supplier

Out of the time-honored experience of the Belloni family in the world of responsible jewelry comes Altro Carato: the first ethical Precious Metals Supplier in Italy. Altro Carato is the official supplier of Ethical Jewels, the brand that has been fostering a culture of sustainable jewelry in Italy since 2005. These days, when people decide to purchase jewelry they are looking for something more than the pure value of the gems and metals themselves: they also want human values – i.e. respect for the environment, the native populations and the workers, both at the extraction sites and all the way along the production chain that brings the items into their homes.
Out of this principle came the idea for Altro Carato: an opportunity for industry professionals who want to add more value, and more values, to the jewelry they create, work or sell.

a precious certification

Fairmined gold and silver come from unique mining companies in South America, in particular from Colombia. These are places in which the miners are co-operative members or co-owners of the mines.

In these self-managed mines, the men work in total safety, in conditions where they are fully respected, extracting the precious metals with sustainable methods in order not to deposit toxic materials into the environment.

All of the mining co-operatives adhere to the Alliance for Responsible Mining – the organization that promotes and safeguards sustainability in the mining procedures through regular checks. Fairmined-certified gold and silver are, then, the only precious metals on the market that can truthfully be called fair and responsible.

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Are you a jeweler, a goldsmith or a designer and would you like to start producing jewels using precious metals with added ethical value?

Contact us straight away: we will be delighted to tell you our story and to give you the opportunity to purchase certified, pure gold and silver, becoming in the process a member of the great Fairmined family. Alongside the sale of precious metals, Altro Carato offers comprehensive solutions and consultancy services to all operators in the sector who want to begin offering their customers truly ethical jewelry.

Altro Carato S.r.l.

Via San Bernardo 13
20139 Milano
Tel: +39 347 0734982
Email: info@altrocarato.it